Fashion Trends Men Should Try This Year

  • By Baburaj Devi

Unlike women, men are a bit more sheepish when it comes to trends and fashion. Actually, men tend to cling to timeless fashion, like ripped jeans and monochromatic clothes. But it doesn't mean they are not paying attention to fashion or slowly trying (is that a Yeezy or Adidas NMD, I see?). So without further ado, here are some fashion trends men should at least try this year.


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Men’s Fashion Accessories

  • By Anton Kal  

It may not seem as if there are a lot of men’s fashion accessories out there, but in fact men make use of more accessories than they realize. An accessory is an item or piece of clothing that you don't need to wear, but it does accent your look and can even serve a purpose. So fashion accessories are even quite useful to a person in the course of day-to-day activities. There are all sorts of items that really are men’s fashion accessories.

Getting The Best Out Of Men’s Fashion

  • By Adriana N.  

From ancient days when men had nothing but animal skins to cover themselves, to the outlandish dress of the royal courts a few centuries ago when men wore wigs, high heeled shoes and extravagant jewelry, there has been a radical shift. Happily modern clothing appears to have found a fine balance between self-expression and socially acceptable modes of dress when it comes to men’s fashion.

What Men Should Consider For Club Wear

  • By Natalie Sinclair  

While it is a common notion that it is easier for a man to get dressed than it is for a woman, many men still commit classic mistakes in choosing proper club wear when they go out to party. More often than not, men who look funny and/or ridiculous are hardly aware of it and to be honest, it is best to get an opinion from a woman.

Men's Fashion In The New Year

  • By R Atkinson

I am a huge fan of a lot of the big named labels, which is why I constantly find myself keeping up to date with the latest styles and the newest introductions to men's fashion. It is refreshing to see in a New Year and witness the changing fashion seasons. However, for the everyday man who is not as concerned as me as to Fashion and its ever-changing demands, keeping up to date with everything and ensuring your look stays fresh can be a daunting and highly time-consuming task.

Winter Fashion Tips for Men

  • By Shaan Ber

Despite the bleakness that winter can sometimes exude, there are so many things that people love about the coldest season of the year. Snowflakes, being with the family by the fireplace, cozying up with a loved one - these are just some of the reasons why there are people who are endeared to winter. For some, though, they love this season because once again, they'll be able to pull out those winter clothes from their closet.

Is Your Diet Hindering Your Success?

  • by Jelani Viyai

No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to dieting and weight training. Fifty percent of your training success relies on what you eat daily. It doesn't matter what exercises you do or how many days and hours you spend in the gym; you will never achieve your ultimate fitness goals without a clean, healthy eating plan to aid your efforts.

“People always ask me what the trends are, but I’m not a believer in trends. Individuality is more important to me,
to stand out and have the confidence to wear something you’re comfortable in
– it just happens. I’m comfortable wearing a suit.”

~ David Gandy