Is Your Diet Hindering Your Success?

    by Jelani Viyai

No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to dieting and weight training. Fifty percent of your training success relies on what you eat daily. It doesn't matter what exercises you do or how many days and hours you spend in the gym; you will never achieve your ultimate fitness goals without a clean, healthy eating plan to aid your efforts.

Many try to find that magic pill or product that will fulfill their dreams of finally reaching that perfect size and weight. But truth is, most end up wasting their money, because optimum health is not found in a bottle or box. Its found at your neighborhood grocery store. That's right, everything you need to slim down and regain your optimum health is in the foods found at your everyday grocery store.

These optimum foods, are all green, leafy vegetables, lean cut meats, fish, poultry, dried beans, oats and brand cereals. And of course, purified water. These are all the ingredients you need to revert back to the size you were genetically born with. I do not believe people are born prone to be obese. In my opinion if none of the fast food restaurants existed today, nearly 90% of our obesity problems would not exist. But because we can not eliminate these restaurants from our world, we can at least eliminate the foods they produce from our daily diets.

It's important that you focus on eating more live-foods. Live foods are filled with life sustaining nutrients the body needs to thrive. Live foods can be planted in the ground and still bare fruit by duplicating itself. All live foods are raw such as, apples, oranges, beets, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, eggplants, bean sprouts, turnips, pears, watermelon, nectarines, lettuce, raw pecans, walnuts, almonds, grapes etc. Any live-food you cook before eating, destroys its living nutrients and in a sense turns it into a dead food. You want to eat as much raw or semi-raw plant foods as possible during your workout regimen.

If you are buying foods that cannot duplicate itself when planted, then you are in my opinion, eating what I refer to as dead-foods. Most dead foods do not have much living nutrients in them that the body needs to nourish and repair itself for optimum health and performance. Some examples of dead foods are: roasted nuts, canned vegetables, processed meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetable juices, breads, candy, cakes, ice cream, bagels, pasta, yogurt, fast foods, energy drinks and sodas, etc.
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I know giving up all your dead foods would be asking too much, and only your most extreme athlete could do so. But your healthy eating routine should consist of 80% or more live foods and 20% or less of dead foods daily. Accomplish this goal and watch your fitness and dieting results soar! Your healthy eating plan should accommodate a modest workout plan of four workout days weekly for one hour each. And your training doesn’t have to start in a gym. You can start your regimen in your home by doing a home fitness program like INSANITY by Sean T. This workout program is sold on our website for your convenience! Or if you prefer you could play tennis, join a running club, run on your home treadmill or do thirty minutes laps in your home or neighborhood pool. All these are great, inexpensive ways to jumpstart your training regimen! I hope this information has been helpful and inspires you to go for your fitness dreams!

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